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Leonards Plumbing and Heating provides The Chicagoland Area with highly trained Chicago Plumbers,

Sewer & Drain:

Our Full service heating and air conditioning contractors specialize in furnace repair, boiler repair and a/c

Heating & Air:

Cooling your home in Chicago is complicated due to the constant temperature changes that challenges


Serving Chicago, we provide expert electrician services. We can help you wire outlets, install ceiling fans, install back up generators, and more.

Sewer and Drain

Our qualified technicians have the field experience and the equipment to handle any problem, keep your drain clear and answer any questions. As with all our services, we offer a quality job at a fair price. Our sewer and rain service include:

  • ✓ A variety of options to handle roots and grease
  • ✓ Cleaning equipment for sewers and drains of all sizes
  • ✓ Permanent root removal
  • ✓ High pressure jetting to blast clogs out of your sewer
  • ✓ Video line inspection for:
  • • Main sewers
    • Bathroom sinks
    • Toilets
    • Bath tub drains
    • Basement drains
  • ✓ Electronic pipe location to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and minimize wall, concrete and landscaping damage.

Emergency Sump Pump Repair

We will replace your sump pump with 24-hours of your call. Our technicians only install long-lasting pumps-the best flood control products--with long-term guarantees. Pumps are always in stock and on the repair truck. Our sump pump services include:

  • ✓ Periodic maintenance
  • ✓ Backup power upgrades
  • ✓ Battery sump pumps
  • ✓ Sewerage ejector pumps
  • ✓ Ejector pump replacement and repair
  • ✓ Pit repair replacement
  • ✓ Check valve repair / silent check replacement
  • ✓ Discharge piping installation

Family Owned & Operated

Electric Plumber is a family-owned business with hands-on owners. And we treat all our customers just like family.

Just give us a call, we might be right down the street.

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